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The First Grammar Checker for Malay
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For the first time, your PC can check your grammar in Malay. We have just made the first Malay grammar checker for Microsoft Office, featuring our own patent-pending technology. We have just made history, again.

The grammar checker can analyze your Malay sentences and identify more than 40 types of common grammatical mistakes. Of course you can write good Malay. But you need a goalie to make sure nothing accidentally slips through, much like the way you need a spell checker to guard against typographical errors.

The Approach

We have invested more than a year into developing the grammar checker. We started out with a simple belief: this is another tool that will help users write better Malay. There are grammar checkers for English. We think we can build ours, for Malay. But the scope of making a grammar checker is a hundred times more sophisticated than making a spelling checker. Hence, we want to build something useable as soon as possible. We are not going to build the perfect grammar checker. We focus on the common grammatical mistakes, about 40 of them.

How it works for you

As you type in Microsoft Word, our Malay grammar checker will monitor your sentences and underline possible mistakes with a green curvy line. Then, you can right click on it to see explanation and suggestion.

What happens behind the scene is, the grammar checker breaks a sentence down into classes of words and compare the structure against our pre-defined rules. If the structure breaks a rule somewhere, then the grammar checker underlines it and explains which rule is in effect.

There are way more than 40 rules in Malay grammar. And each rule can be broken in multiple different ways. No grammar checker can possibly catch them all. Its key role is to serve as a additional layer of checking to alert you of possible mistakes.

For the complete list of errors that Dewan Eja Pro 2010 can handle, please click here to read more about the Grammar Checker.

Most authoritative.  No confusion.
Our spell checker is based on Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat, officially provided by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. It is the most authoritative source of reference.  The speller is specially tailored for Malay language. It does not use the English spell checker engine at all. It can provide accurate suggestions for correct usage of prefixes and suffixes ("imbuhan" and "partikel"). As for the grammar checker, we worked with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and Munsyi Dewan to review the rules.  You can be certain that Dewan Eja Pro is in line with the latest standards.
Template Library
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Business writing often have repeating patterns and formats. How many ways can you write a "Thank-you-for-your-feedback" letter?  Not many.  By using templates in Microsoft Office, you can easily jump start the letter by selecting the "Thank you letter" template, for example.   Formatting will be readily done.  Boilerplate will be ready.  You just need to fill in the specifics and you have a professionaly written letter in no time!  But there wasn't a library for Malay documents, until now.

What we have done in Dewan Eja Pro 2010 is that we have prepared more than 100 Malay document templates, focusing on frequently used business documents such as formal letters, invoices, reports, etc.  You can easily access them from within MS Word by clicking on the Koleksi Templat button on the Dewan Eja Pro ribbon.

But this is certainly not the end of the task.  We are continueing to build more templates, and will release more to Dewan Eja Pro users when they are ready.

Translation Interface
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When you need to translate something in a document that you're writing, you can access your favorite translation engine, be it Google Translate or Yahoo Babelfish right from MS Word.  All you need to do is highlighting the text to be translated.  It will be sent to the translation service on the Internet, and the results are delivered to your word processor!  It doesn't get any easier.

New Interface for Kamus Pro, now with web integration
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New Kamus Pro interface displays summarized results across all reference materials in one page, making it much more efficient to look up words and phrases.  Now it even integrates the web.  You can see search results from selected web sites in its integrated tabs.

As you type a search word in Kamus Pro, you will see a list of related suggestions being shown automatically.  Can't remember that entire peribahasa ?  No problem.  Just type the first word, and Kamus Pro will bring up all relevant entries in its index.

It also featured revamped CheckAnywhere technology.  Instead of highlighting the word to be searched, just hover the mouse cursor over it.   Kamus Pro will recognize it and prompt you for a search with an icon.

Integration with MS Office 2010
Dewan Eja Pro 2010 integrates with the latest MS Office 2010, featuring ribbon-style buttons in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  Office 2003 and 2007 are supported as well.
AutoCorrect your spelling errors
Work without interruption. Dewan Eja can automatically correct more than 1,000 frequently made errors on-the-fly. For example, it automatically changes "keretapi" to "kereta api", "usahasama" to "usaha sama" without user intervention.

Thesaurus to enhance your writing style
Dewan Eja comes with a thesaurus that can suggest Malay synonyms. It is based on Tesaurus Umum Bahasa Melayu, also a DBP publication.

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