Dewan Eja Pro is the #1 proofing and reference suite for the Malay language. It contains the following components.

Dewan Eja

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Integration with your MS Office

Dewan Eja checks Malay spelling in MS Office 2007 as well as previous versions. It can automatically underline spelling errors and provide accurate suggestions. Therefore, you can focus on the actual contents of your work, and let Dewan Eja worries about spelling.

Most authoritative contents. No confusion.

Dewan Eja is based on Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat, officially provided by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. It is the most authoritative source of reference. You can be certain your spelling is in line with the latest standards.

Customized for the Malay language

Dewan Eja features its own spell checker engine, specially tailored for the Malay language. It does not use the English spell checker engine at all. It can provide accurate suggestions for correct usage of prefixes and suffixes ("imbuhan" and "partikel").

AutoCorrect your spelling errors

Work without interruption. Dewan Eja can automatically correct more than 1,000 frequently made errors on-the-fly. For example, it automatically changes "keretapi" to "kereta api", "usahasama" to "usaha sama" without user intervention.

Thesaurus to enhance your writing style

Dewan Eja comes with a thesaurus that can suggest Malay synonyms. It is based on Tesaurus Umum Bahasa Melayu, also a DBP publication.

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Kamus Pro

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CheckAnywhere technology for instant look-up

Look up a word instantly just by highlighting it, in any Windows application. You may be reading a web page in Internet Explorer, an e-book in Adobe Reader, a document in Word, or a spreadsheet in Excel. It doesn't matter which application that you are using. When you encounter a new word, just highlight it with you mouse, and you can look it up instantly!

Automatic language detection

Kamus Pro automatically recognizes the language of the chosen word and display the relevant reference. For example, if you highlight an English word, it automatically looks up the English-Malay dictionary. If a Malay word is highlighted, it looks up Kamus Dewan and Malay-English dictionary, if installed. No hassle.

Keeps history, for your reference.

Kamus Pro keeps a record of the words you have checked in a convenient drop-down combo box. You can easily look up any previously searched words. In addition, Kamus Pro features AutoComplete that makes searching history even easier. Just type a few initial letters in the combo box and Kamus Pro will fill up the rest.

Kamus Dewan, published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, has been the prime reference tool for Malay language users for more than two decades. The current edition contains more than 49,000 entries. Now, with our "CheckAnywhere" technology, you can look up a word instantly just by highlighting it in any Windows application. kamusdewanscreen200.jpg
Kamus Inggeris Melayu Dewan helps you look up the meaning of English words, with definition in both English and Malay. It is published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. With more than 47,000 entries, it is one of the most comprehensive reference tools in the market. The software also features "CheckAnywhere" technology that lets you look up a word just by highlighting it in any Windows application. kamusbibmscreen200.jpg
Daftar Istilah DBP helps you make cross reference of technical or professional terminology between English and Malay. It is a collection of more than 267,000 entries of various subjects including science, mathematics, legal, finance and many more. It is ideal for Malaysian professionals and education workers
who need to use both English and Malay often.
Kamus Melayu Cina contains more than 30,000 entries, and supports Malay and Chinese two-way checking. kmcdialog_small.png

Free encyclopedia integrated. You can go from learning a new word to new knowledge. An encyclopedia in English containing more than 35,000 selected topics from Wikipedia comes free with Kamus Pro. For example, you are looking up the Malay word "buku" and learn that the corresponding English word is "book". Just click on the "book" link to open up the corresponding encyclopedia topic. Moreover, you can use it offline, without Internet connection at all.

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