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The Books in The Forest
Long History &
Rich Heritage

The Malay language is more than 1,200 years old. It evolves from Classical Malay in the 14th century to modernization in the 19th century.

Shot in the evening in front of the twin towers. Tallest building in KL, and iconic building for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Soul of
Our Nation

The official and daily language of Malaysia. The Malay language unites Malaysian people, and serves as the treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom.

Golden equator
Language of
the World

There are 290 million speakers. It is studied around the world. At least 8 universities in China offer courses on Malay studies. Lomonosov Moscow State University also teaches Malay.

Technology for
Malay Language

Over the years, technology has evolved to make Malay language even more accessible. Grammar and spelling checker makes writing on computers faster and easier. Speech-to-text and vice versa also opens up new possibilities on Malay language usage in technology.


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