Our Passion

Pioneering Language Technology

Your writing reflects your message, your identity, your image. For the past 20 years, The Name Technology has been creating tools to help Malaysians write better and easier. We pioneered the first spell checker and the first grammar checker for the Malay language. Whether you’re writing a letter in Word or reading a Wikipedia page, our proofing tools and dictionaries are always just a click away to help your words flow, and understand the world just a little bit better.

Our Values

S. Service.

We’re here because you are. We go all out to provide the best service for our customers.

O. Openness.

The world is a great, big place. Keep our mind and heart open.

A. Aspiration.

Tomorrow will be the better version of today. We strive to become the better version of ourselves.

R. Respect.

Everyone is unique and equal. We always treat the world with humility and respect.