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For almost a quarter of a century, we have been building software for you. The Name Technology pioneered the first Malay grammar checker. We are the leader in language technology, helping Malaysians to write better and learn better.

Dewan Eja Pro is the first Malay grammar checker

Let Your Words FLOW

DewanEja 11 is the #1 Proofing Tools for Malaysians that helps you write better and learn faster. It helps you write correct Malay language in MS Office in terms of both spelling and — for the first time — grammar, with our patented linguistic technology.


That Word

There’s no reason not to. Kamus Pro now runs on your smartphone. You can take Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat, Kamus Inggeris Melayu Dewan and other dictionaries with you, wherever you go. The Daftar Istilah contains more than 100,000 entries of technical terms in Bahasa Melayu and English.

With more than 500,000 downloads, this is the best dictionary app you can get!

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Why some people still don’t think they need a spell checker

When we first started this company some 20 years ago, we struggled. Still do. In the early years, we shrunk into a 2-person company, cramped in a one-room office. We weren’t sure where we could go from there. The biggest hurdle that we still can’t quite overcome is the false sense of infallibility in writers….

Buy DewanEja11 now, PayLater with Grab

Make your work easier now, but pay later. Grab PayLater is now activated for good on our website. So, you can buy the best spelling and grammar checker now and start saving time, and pay later. 2 Ways to PayLater Pay in 4 monthly instalments Pay the next month No interest, no fees Pay only…


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How to Use Grammar Checker in Chrome

When we are writing a blog post or an article online, sometimes we make accidental mistakes, be it a typo, punctuation errors or grammatical errors. DewanEja11 saves you every time. Our DewanEja11 Chrome extension shows spelling and grammar proofing results for Malay language. I would like to share with you on how to use DewanEja11…