Dewan Eja Pro is the #1 Proofing Tools for Malaysians that helps you write better and learn faster. Officially endorsed by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, it helps you write correct Malay language in MS Office in terms of both spelling and -- for the first time -- grammar.

Write perfectly with the most advanced proofing tools

Featuring the world's first Grammar Checker for Malay language. It identifies more than 60 types of common grammatical mistakes.

The Spelling Checker is specially tailored for Malay, providing accurate suggestions by analysing Malay syntax, e.g. prefixes and suffixes ("imbuhan").

Supports the latest MS Office 2016.

A rich collection of dictionaries at your fingertip

Dewan Eja Pro features a full suite of DBP dictionaries, including Kamus Dewan, Kamus Inggeris Melayu Dewan and Daftar Istilah, which consists of 300,000 entries of English-Malay terminology cross reference, compiled from 200+ dictionaries.

The Malay Chinese Dictionary contains more than 30,000 entries. Supports Malay and Chinese two-way checking, and Pinyin reference.

Structured Kamus Dewan Content

Kamus Dewan 4 contains a huge amount of information and content. Now, these content are made even more accessible by presenting them in a structured format.

The result is a much more user-friendly, easy to understand Kamus Dewan.

Other Features

LiveDictionary new!

Check your spelling with the latest words and terminologies collected and verified on our server. Dewan Eja Pro access these data by connecting to the cloud and download them automatically in the background.


Hover your mouse cursor over any word in any Windows application to look it up. You need not click, type or copy and paste at all.


"Keretapi" or "Kereta api"? "Samada" or "Sama ada"? Just keep typing. Dewan Eja Pro auto-corrects more than 2,000 common spelling mistakes as you type.

Translation Interface

Integrates with online translation services, such as Google Translate, Bing Translator and LiveTranslate. Just highlight a paragraph in MS Word, and see it translated instantly.

Document Templates

Template Collection with more than 100 sample documents to jump start anything you want to write.


Dewan Eja Pro integrates Microsoft Speech to pronounce English and Chinese words.

Integrates with Windows 10 and MS Office 2019

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