How to activate Dewan Eja Spell Checker and Hyphenation in Adobe InDesign & InCopy

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How to activate Spell Checker in Adobe InDesign

To activate the spell checker in InDesign/InCopy, first you need to activate dynamic spelling and the auto correct option.

  1. To set dynamic spelling, go to Edit > Spelling and check Dynamic Spelling & Auto Correct.
  2. Then, after selecting Type Tool, change the language to Malay before you start typing.

How to activate Dewan Eja Hyphenation in Adobe InDesign

To use Hyphenation in Adobe InDesign, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Edit > Preference > Dictionary > Set Language. Change language to Malay.
  2. Under the Hyphenation section, it should automatically load “Dewan Eja“.
  3. Then, after selecting Type Tool, go to Type > Paragraph and check the Hyphenate box. You may start typing your article then.
  4. For existing article, select all text and check the Hyphenate box to activate the hyphenation function.

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