How to Use Grammar Checker in MS Word

Just like the spell checker, DewanEja11 grammar checker integrates with MS Word and monitors your writing. However, it checks entire sentences, not just individual words. DewanEja11 analyzes them to see if they comply to Malay grammatical rules. If a sentence does not comply, the grammar checker will suggest the probability of an error.

Given that languages are often context-dependent, grammar checkers are unlikely to be 100% accurate all the time. Its main mission is to underline parts of sentences that may contain grammatical errors, with green or blue lines, and suggest the cause of the error. You as the author need to make an assessment whether the suggestion is relevant. As a result, revision becomes easier and the probability of grammatical errors is reduced.

How to Spot Grammatical Errors with DewanEja11

Grammatical errors will be underlined with blue or green lines.

  • Right-click on an underlined word to get a brief description of the grammatical error or a suggested correction.
  • If a correction is suggested, just click on it to replace the incorrect phrase.
Grammar checker suggest a correction.

Further Explanation about Grammatical Errors

To obtain further explanation on the detected grammatical errors:

  • Right-click on the underlined word or phrase.
  • Then click on the Grammar.
  • A standard dialog box will appear on the right, displaying the grammar errors found.
  • Click on “Keterangan Tatabahasa” for detail explanation.

With DewanEja11, writing good documents become a breeze. It will save you a lot of time and effort in proofreading. If you write Malay documents, DewanEja11 is truly an indispensable tool!

If you are interested in the inner working of a grammar checker, check out this article: How does our Malay grammar checker work?

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