How to Register DewanEja11

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DewanEja11 is compatible with:

  • MS Office 2016, 2019, 2021 and Office 365
  • Windows 10 & 11

Registering DewanEja11 License

  1. In Windows search bar, type “Panel Kawalan DewanEja11
  2. Click on the “Panel Kawalan DewanEja11″ app.

3. On the Panel Kawalan DewanEja11 window, click on the Daftar button.

4. Key in all the required fields, including a valid DewanEja11 serial number that start with initial DWY.

5. Click on the Daftar button to register via internet. Wait for the status update.

6. If Internet access is not available, on “Cara Pendaftaran” choose “Telefon” and call our technical support at 03-8319 3388 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

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