Looking up a word easily when you’re not reading online, using Spirgo P3 Dictionary Pen

Not all reading happens on your smartphone or PC. Many of us still prefer good old books. Nothing compares to the clarity of printed texts on white papers. For children especially, books are still the better choice compared to electronic gadgets. Not only that they are easier on the eyes, books are also distraction-free.

But what if you need to look up a word while reading a paper book? Sure, you can pick up your smartphone, open up Kamus Pro, and type in the word you just saw. However, there is an better way. Introducing Spirgo P3 Dictionary Pen. We have recently licensed our Kamus Pro Malay-Chinese dictionary to this great product. And here’s how it can help make reading and learning a breeze for you and your children.

Spirgo P3 screenshot

Anytime you need to look up a word, a phrase or even a sentence on paper, just scan it with Spirgo P3. Weighing only 80g and being only 14.8cm long, you can bring it anywhere. It uses Wifi to connect online to look up the scanned text. Results are displayed on a crisp 2.98″ screen. What’s more, pronunciation is available in natural human voice.

Offline translation is available for English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Some of our users have found it indispensable reading original Japanese manga, a use case we certainly didn’t anticipate.

Spirgo P3 English exercises

There are some extra features that are especially useful for young learners, such as built-in English exercises, and ancient poems from Tang and Song Dynasties. A purpose-built tool like Spirgo P3 is more preferable than smartphones because it does not sidetrack the users. They can focus on what they are doing. We all know how easy children get distracted!

For only RM1.64 a day, you can make learning easier for you and your children. Education is the best investment. Get your Spirgo P3 now.