How to Use Grammar Checker in Chrome

When we are writing a blog post or an article online, sometimes we make accidental mistakes, be it a typo, punctuation errors or grammatical errors. DewanEja11 saves you every time.

Our DewanEja11 Chrome extension shows spelling and grammar proofing results for Malay language. I would like to share with you on how to use DewanEja11 Grammar Checker in Chrome.

Firstly, add DewanEja11 Extension from Chrome Web Store

If you haven’t got it yet, get it here.

Pin DewanEja11 on your Chrome

After adding DewanEja11 extension to your Chrome browser, make it is visible by pinning it in the Extensions list.

Click on It!

Write your blog post or article. Once it is done, just click on the DewanEja11 icon on your Chrome browser. It will list all the spelling or grammar errors found, if any.

Grammatical errors are listed in blue, while spelling errors are in red. Just click on the suggested word to replace the error in your editor.

If you require further details about the grammar errors, click on the drop-down arrow for in-depth explanation. Click on it again to hide it.

This extension requires the desktop app DewanEja11 to work and you can get it from here. It support Windows 10 & 11 and latest MS Office too.