Bekerja dengan lebih baik.
Hidup lebih baik.

dengan penyelesaian perisian kami


Selama hampir suku abad, kami telah membina perisian untuk anda. The Name Technology mempelopori Penyemak Tatabahasa Melayu #1. Kami peneraju teknologi bahasa, membantu rakyat Malaysia untuk menulis dan belajar dengan lebih baik.

Dewan Eja Pro is the first Malay grammar checker


DewanEja 11 merupakan Alat Pruf #1 untuk rakyat Malaysia yang membantu anda menulis dengan lebih baik dan belajar dengan lebih cepat. Ia membantu anda menulis bahasa Melayu yang betul dalam MS Office dan pelayar web seperti Chrome dari segi ejaan dan — buat kali pertama — tatabahasa, dengan teknologi linguistik kami yang dipatenkan. tatabahasa, dengan teknologi linguistik kami yang dipatenkan.




Tidak ada alasan untuk tidak melakukannya. Kamus Pro kini di telefon pintar anda. Anda boleh bawa Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat, Kamus Dewan Bahasa Inggeris dan kamus lain dengan anda, ke mana sahaja. Daftar Istilah mengandungi lebih 100,000 entri istilah teknikal, dalam Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris.

Dengan lebih dari 500,000 muat turun, ini adalah aplikasi kamus terbaik untuk anda!

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Kamus Pro 5.0 released

We have re-written our Kamus Pro app from the ground up with the latest technology available. That means, it now looks much sleeker, runs much smoother, and is much more touch-friendly. And we’ve got dark mode now. The upgrade also gives us a better platform to introduce more features. So stay tuned for some surprising…
After i  back  home from my office  at 11 pm, i rushed to the train station to go Dataran Merdeka to capture Independence Day Countdown and Celebration w. I reached at Dataran Merdeka at 11.50 pm  and i captured the lovely moment . Today is our country  61st Independence Day. I love my country so much .

Celebrate Merdeka Day and Our National Language

Celebrate our national Language Making Bahasa Melayu easier to use for all.Buy DewanEja 11 for yourself and share with a friend. Long History &Rich Heritage The Malay language is more than 1,200 years old. It evolves from Classical Malay in the 14th century to modernization in the 19th century. Soul of Our Nation The official…

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Hari Raya may be over, but the celebration continues with the Grab 6.6 PayLater Sale! Valid from 6 Jun – 7 Jul 2022.Discount is capped at RM30 with no minimum spend. Hurry up and save now on buying DewanEja11, pay later. Buy now!

Why some people still don’t think they need a spell checker

When we first started this company some 20 years ago, we struggled. Still do. In the early years, we shrunk into a 2-person company, cramped in a one-room office. We weren’t sure where we could go from there. The biggest hurdle that we still can’t quite overcome is the false sense of infallibility in writers….

Buy DewanEja11 now, PayLater with Grab

Make your work easier now, but pay later. Grab PayLater is now activated for good on our website. So, you can buy the best spelling and grammar checker now and start saving time, and pay later. 2 Ways to PayLater Pay in 4 monthly instalments Pay the next month No interest, no fees Pay only…