What’s new in DewanEja 11 compared to the previous version?

DewanEja 11 is the latest version of the popular Malay spelling and grammar checker. It includes a number of new features and improvements over previous versions. See the comparison below:

FEATURESDewanEja 11DewanEja Pro 10
Spelling & Grammar Checker
AutoCorrect fixes more than 2,000 common mistakes automatically
LiveDictionary – Check your spelling with the latest words and terminologies collected and verified on our server
Document Templates – kick-start your writing with ready-made templates
Translation Interface – access Google Translate from MS Word
Pronunciation – uses Microsoft Speech to pronounce English and Chinese words
Improved CheckAnywhere – check any word on-screen to reference dictionaries
Latest MS Office support for versions after 2019
Works in browsers – Chrome, Edge, Firefox and more
AutoComplete and AutoPrediction in MS Word helps you type faster
Richer lexicon with more than 24,000 additional entries

If you absolutely need support for older versions of MS Office, ie. versions before 2019, then you will need Dewan Eja Pro 10.

In conclusion, DewanEja 11 is our best work so far. Get it now!