Why some people still don’t think they need a spell checker

When we first started this company some 20 years ago, we struggled. Still do. In the early years, we shrunk into a 2-person company, cramped in a one-room office. We weren’t sure where we could go from there.

The biggest hurdle that we still can’t quite overcome is the false sense of infallibility in writers. They often believe that they have mastery over their language. They don’t need any tools to teach them how to write. We have no doubts that our customers can write very well. But we are not here to teach. Not at all. We are here to help you save time.

Typographical errors are inevitable. Nobody types perfectly.

When you write, you want your thoughts to flow onto the paper (or keyboard) without hindrance. During this process, you willfully ignore minor details like spelling and grammar. And you rightfully should in order to write smoothly. As a result, typographical errors escape your attention. As we have said, nobody types perfectly.

The only way to ensure that you have produced the perfect piece is to proofread your work, twice. However, few of us have the luxury to hire a third-party proofreader. More often than not, we have to check our own work. Any writer can tell you that checking your own work is not ideal because you are too familiar with it. You tend to read too fast and miss minor mistakes. As a result, you spend extra time proofreading, yet mistakes are still there. That’s how a spelling and grammar checker like DewanEja11 can help. It works in the background all the time to detect potential errors for you, so that you can concentrate on the important stuff — your writing.

DewanEja11 can save you tons of time by doing proofreading for you

Most writers have never experienced using a Malay spelling and grammar checker.

Besides being overconfident, most writers have never experienced using a Malay spelling and grammar checker, because there wasn’t one before DewanEja was created. English writers have been using English spell checker since the inception of word processors. It has become an indispensable tool for them. Not so for Malay writers. For the longest time, Malay writers are on their own. They have never imagined how a little extra help from an automated proofing tool could go such a long way. The time saved and the embarrassment avoided more than compensate the cost of the software.

We might as well let users try DewanEja for free

That’s why our company struggled. We had a hard time convincing people how useful DewanEja could be. On one of our worst days, we thought: we might as well let users try DewanEja for free. Let them experience it, and then decide how useful it is for their daily work. Almost 90% of them came back. We survived.

Do you write Malay? Try DewanEja11 now. We promise it would improve your productivity and alleviate your stress.

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